Amended 25/3/20. While we will remain open for business during the current Pandemic, unless instructions to close, a general public lockdown or health issues determine otherwise, we would like to advise on some restrictions and provide assurance of steps we are taking to minimise any risk of infection to all parties.

We are happy to accept devices for repair but will need to bar access to the actual business premises. We will accept delivery of devices at the main door. Social distancing measures must be observed when delivering/collecting.

All deliveries/collections MUST be arranged in advance. Please contact us before setting off as we do not want Customers arriving at the same time, for the benefit of all Parties.

All devices accepted for repair will be thoroughly cleaned by us on the outside with Pure Alcohol/Isopropanol Isopropyl Alcohol, both before and after repair. This includes screens.This should not harm your device in any way and will evaporate without leaving any residue.

Any device that needs to be opened will be cleaned on the inside with Pure Alcohol/Isopropanol Isopropyl Alcohol. We normally use this to clean motherboards and other PCB’s anyway so it is common procedure.

It is our policy to wear disposable medical gloves when we need to open devices up. We will be extending this all jobs (e.g. even when the repair is Windows or software related).

Our Card Terminals will be cleaned with alcohol wipes after each use. We would ask Customers to try and insert/remove their card into the Terminal themselves rather than pass it over to be inserted. Alcohol wipes are available for Customers should they require the use of one.

Where replacement parts are required to repair devices they will be cleaned as above prior to being fitted.

We do expect that replacement parts will be available although anticipate that they may take longer to arrive should the current situation last for an extended period. We would ask Customers for their patience should this be the case.

Although we have not seen evidence of such as yet, prices for spare parts may increase considerably should supplies decrease due to trade or importation restrictions. Customers will appreciate that many parts, including nearly all laptop screens for example, are made in China. Accordingly we may have to diverge from any listed prices but will advise on a case by case basis.

We thank you for your understanding and wish all of our Customers the best of health.


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