This is one we see fairly regularly. Recently a customer in Emmer Green had their laptop infected by a variant of the “Metropolitan Police” trojan, a bit like the one above. The one our customer had was a bit more advanced and somehow managed to use his webcam to snap a photo of his surprised face as he saw the screen and placed it in the middle of the warning message!

This trojan is fairly common and nasty inasmuch as it locks the user out of their own machine unless you pay “the police” £100 or whatever the  “fine” is. If you look at the things the user is accused of doing is it likely that the Police would be satisfied with a small fine?! Hardly.

We were able to  remove the virus quickly and then make sure the customers machine was otherwise healthy and then dropped the laptop back to them in Emmer Green.

If you ever see something like this on your machine, under no circumstances pay the “ransom”.  Give us a call instead and we’ll remove the virus /trojan for you.


CloseHow Mountain Stream Ltd helped a customer whose laptop had a Metropolitan Police trojan

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