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Computers are machines and, like all machines, they need maintenance to prolong their useful life. That means doing more than a periodic virus scan. Computers process loads of data really quickly and that processing causes friction and, as you know, friction causes heat. That’s why computers have cooling systems. Computers hate heat. They also hate dust and liquids. Unfortunately they are usually in environments that have plenty of heat, dust and liquids. That’s where we come in.

Mountain Stream Ltd provide a comprehensive health check up and cleaning service for your computer. We’ll take it apart and give it a good physical clean up. We’ll remove the old thermal compound on the CPU/GPU and replace it. Then we’ll check your hard drive for any signs of impending failure. We’ll check for any software issues, optimise the Operating System, install any required updates, clean up the disk and defragment it, and make sure it is free of any malware. We’ll provide you with a full report and give you recommendations (if any are required).

Give your computer some TLC and book it in for a Health Check-Up today. Give us a call!

Mountain Stream Ltd provide a comprehensive computer health check and cleanup service

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We offer a fixed price of £94.95 for this service, which is roughly equivalent to 3 hours at our standard labour rate. This service can be provided on or off-site.

We do not charge for VAT at this time.

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